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We have had over 5,500 users to this wiki! Thank you so much to everyone who have supported this endeavour.

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As a community, we are freely sharing our lived experience of running care budgets by offering a wide range of templates for download, without charge. The templates and other resources will be useful to anyone that employs Personal Assistants (PAs) or carers. To find out more, visit our What is this? page.

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Know your way around a care budget?

For those experienced with care budgets, you can go straight to see all our Templates and Staffing policies.

Take it one step at a time

Want to take it one step at a time? Try this approach,

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STARTING OUT: A set of useful links to help you get started with a care budget. Click here

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STAFF RECRUITMENT: Recruiting for staff is new to many people, you want to make sure you have the staff that best fit into your life. Click here

clipboards, plans and charts

STAFF MANAGEMENT: Once recruited, you need to look after your staff and manage them so that they feel valued and safe, but also that they are working in the way that you want them to. Click here

an open hand collecting all sorts of things

CARING: Caring is what it is all about. Click here

a house

HOUSEHOLD: All those household chores need to be done in the way that suits you. Click here

a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle with a wheelchair

WAV: If you have a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle or a car that is used by your staff, that needs to be looked after too. Click here

a triangle warning sign

RISK ASSESSING: You will need to look around and assess risk. Click here


THE FINANCIAL SIDE: Money needs to be accounted for. Click here