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Just starting out? It can seem there is a lot to do all at once. Just remember that you do not need everything on Day One. This website will help, as when you need something you can just come here and take what you need.

One document you will need at the beginning (especially if you live in England and are aiming for a PHB) is a Care and Support Plan. These Plans really are unique to the individual so as a starting point, have a look at this page.

The idea for this page is that it contains useful help for when you just starting out to run a care budget, or just need guidance. If we were to add this help directly, we believe that we will be duplicating what is already out there on the internet, and, add the risk of not keeping it up to date. Providing links is a way around this. So if you have links - just add them, or, email them to us at [email protected].

The links are not validated by us, we've just heard good things about them or have been asked to add them by the organisation themselves. You also need to note that some of the organisations charge for their services. You can always feedback to us on how useful they were over in the Discussion forum.

General and really good - start here

NHS logo

The National Health Service (NHS) in England are the source of Personal Health Budgets, click [here].

people hub logo

peoplehub is an independent Community Interest Company, led by people with lived experience of personal health budgets, and aimed at offering useful information, connecting people and influencing how personal health budgets are implemented. Their web site has been written by those with lived experience, click [here].

In Control logo

InControl are a national charity working for an inclusive society where everyone has the support they need to live a good life and make a valued contribution, click [here].

ILG logo

The ILG Community is a UK wide network of individual employers offering peer support via a private Facebook group. It is free to join and their membership is made up of individual employers, Direct Payment advisors and employment law specialists, click [here].

Places for care and support planning and gaining that care budget

NHS logo

The National Health Service (NHS) in England have produced this guide to Continuing Healthcare assessments - and it's in multiple languages, click [here].

Think local act personal logo

think local act personal offer help on care and support planning, click [here].

Beacon logo

Beacon offer help on care and support planning, a toolkit and much more. Click [here].

ONS logo

The Office for National Statisitics have provided these guides that show the access to adult social care funding in England. Click [here].

Rethink Mental Illness logo

Rethink Mental Illness have a great set of guides for care and support planning for social care. Click [here].

Care To Be Different logo

Care To Be Different offer great advice and resources for the NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) process. Click [here].

Cerebra logo

Cerebra offer a toolkit for accessing the care services you need, click [here].

Professional Records Standards Body logo

The Professional Records Standards Body might not be your first place to look for a Care and Support Plan, but it does have a comprehensive template you can use. Click [here].

Tools for caring and running the budget

Multi Me logo

Multi Me have had good reviews about their software for building a life around the person with disabilities, click [here].

Patients Know Best logo

Patients Know Best is one of those apps that you'll wonder why no one did it before. Linked in with NHS and provides one place to hold all your medical records, letters, appointments and files click, [here].

Jointly logo

Jointly is a mobile and online application created by carers for carers. It combines group messaging with other useful features including to-do and medication lists, calendars and more! Click [here].

Log My Care logo

Log My Care allows care staff to log care and tasks, providing an overview of the care given by your team, though might be more aimed at care homes. Click [here].

Rota cloud logo

Rotacloud have had some very good reviews for how it creates and communicates your staff rota, click [here].

Places you should visit

Social Care TV logo

Health Your Way was established to meet the growing demand for people seeking personalised health and social care. Click [here].

Imagineer logo

Imagineer offer support brokerage and training, but also develop and support small, innovative projects and enterprise ideas. Click [here].

Bringing Us Togetherlogo

Bringing Us Together offer support under the banner of: Helping parent carers feel “I can do this!”. Click [here].

Bringing Us Togetherlogo

Contact is a charity for families with disabled children to support families, bring families together and help families take action for others. Click [here].

Facebook logo

Know any useful Facebook pages? Let us know, we'll add them here. Here are a few to start: here here here

Training for you and your staff is essential

Social Care TV logo

The Social Care TV website offers a wide range of very affordable training course, with a good description. The employer can set up a 'master' account and then check progress of all their staff's training who have their "subsidiary" accounts. Click [here].

HSE logo

The Health and Safety Executive website has some great resources. This link takes you to one on manual handling. Click [here].

Inclusion Me logo

The Inclusion Me website has a focus on Occupational Therapy, with some good articles. This link takes you to one on manual handling and the law. Click [here].

Other places offer guidance for staffing

UK government logo

The UK government has published a guide to employing for the first time with a checklist. Click [here].

Skills for care logo

Iggy Patel has published a guide for a do it yourself payroll method. Click [here].

CQM logo

Care Quality Matters offer checklists and templates but there is a charge, although with a free trial, click [here].

Leeds C I L logo

Leeds cil have lots of resource about employing care staff, click [here].

Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living logo

Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living offer staffing templates, click [here].

Disability North logo

Disability North offer a whole range of guides, some free, some services are chargeable. Click [here].

Is your PA or carer employed or self-employed? This can be a difficult one to work out so here are two links that can help, here and here.

V logo

Independent Lives is a user-led charity and social enterprise working to change the lives of disabled people, people with support needs and carers, click [here].

Educational focus

IPSEA logo

Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (IPSEA) offer good advice around educational issues, Independent Provider of Special Education Advice, click [here].

Money focus

hft logo

HF Trust (hft) is a long-established charity. Their document "Money Matters" offers guide about financial matters, for family carers of adults with learning disabilities and/or autism, click [here].

The legal side

Irwin Mitchell logo

Irwin Mitchell offer legal templates, click [here].

Local and national government organisations

UK government logo

Department of Work and Pensions for benefits, click [here].

UK government logo

Office of Disabilities Issues for information on disabilities funding, click [here].

UK government logo

Her Majesty's Customs and Excise for Employment Taxes, National Insurance, VAT, click [here].

UK government logo

Government portal for employees’ and employers’ rights, click [here].

Equality logo

Equality and Human Rights Council for disability rights and complaints, click [here].

UK government logo

Home Office/Equalities for Equalities information, click [here].

Write To Them logo

Write to your elected politicians, for example, to complain to your councillors or MP, click [here].

The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman logo

Local Government Office who are the ombudsman for complaints about your Local Authority, click [here].