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One document you will need (especially if you live in England) is a Care and Support Plan. We are thinking of ways we can help with this as everyone is so different that they really are unique. As a starting point, have a look at our Just starting out page.

As a starting point, a Person Centred Plan is a good place. It is more than just an 'instruction guide', it is highly personal, including likes and dislikes. It is similar to a Care and Support Plan in some ways with sections that can be included in both documents.

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Here is a good example of a Care and Support Plan. Any plan will always have different content to another - we are all different after all!

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A Coproduction Group in the North East of England have assembled a template of a Care and Support Plan for a child or young person. They are very aware that their template is just a starting point so we need your help to turn this into a document that guides you through the process. In the meantime, do check the peoplehub website as it has been written by someone that has been through this. Click here.

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TemplateCareandSupport Planv0.1.pdf