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This website has been attracting some wonderful comments from you. Here are some examples,

  • “What a great idea I've just popped on and registered and downloaded a few templates/policies and its given me ideas for ones I did not even  think of and so good that we can share our own too!”
  • "A cool and informative website for anyone managing their own personal care budget”
  • “Fantastic resource created for personal budget holders, with everything you need to know! completely coproduced with other users”
  • “A new resource to support PHB and PB holders - this is an incredibly useful repository of templates & documents that will be of use to anyone who employs PAs/carers no matter how they are funded or size of team. Great job”
  • “If you want to know how to do coproduction speak to this man! This is one of the best pieces of coproduction, I’ve seen, user involvement at every stage!”
  • “Thanks so much for this, it looks like a hugely valuable and much needed resource. I am so, so pleased to see it 'out there' and I'll definitely be using it myself during the inevitable next battle. I can't tell you how good it is to know that this info exists”
  • “Really useful to CCG/ICS, Local Authorities too. Free resource when they are all struggling as well. Personalised Care/Personal Health Budgets can help if you let it. It takes pressure off you, as people self manage and is cheaper than paying companies”
  • “Very proud of this. Resources for running self directed care, allowing choice and control in your own life, by and for people who manage their own budgets”
  • “Brilliant resource for people managing their own care budgets!”
  • “Wow, thank you!”
  • “This is great”
  • “Check out mycarebudget.org for templates to populate One Drive with!
  • “This looks like could be such a useful resource for carers who employ PAs/care workers. Many find being an employer as well as a carer really hard to navigate so idea of downloadable templates to save them time (as well as lots of top tips from what I can see) is brilliant”
  • “It’s great work so well worth promoting”
  • “Do you employ your own personal assistants? Here are some really useful resources for you ”
  • “Love this loads of templates to use policies/forms to use within the home for your PAs but I also love if you have your own you can upload to share with others! ”
  • “Thought up, designed, contributed to and maintained by people with PHBs for people with PHBs (but with all the difficult IT stuff done by some very clever PhD person) who also helps to run a PHB”
  • “Need a particular form or template to help you run your personal budget? Please have a look at http://mycarebudget.org its free! Not there, don’t worry, join the community we can all work to coproducing one”
  • “The website truly is such an amazing tool for those with Personal Budgets to have. Seeing examples of policies and templates in use is a big help. There is a severe lack of free resources available for those employing carers which impacts the success of these. Having these resources made available to a wider audience would significantly improve the success rate of personal budgets”
  • “A great resource - thank you for putting it together. I feel that not enough people know about this, so will try to share with others”
  • “Delighted that this website has been created and think it will be very useful”
  • “Really useful Do you have your experience reflected in the documents. Much better they would being reliant on stuff fed by the CCG”
  • “Love it! A much needed resource and really useful. THANK YOU!”
  • “Really useful. Thank you. I wish we had something like this when we were starting out”
  • “Websites like this one keep me going it's with resources like these us individual Employers learn to build a toolbox to prepare us better for the next PA and hope it will be smoother journey 🤞 thank you”
  • “Found it very useful for doing a support plan, templates valuable starting points, informative with prompts”
  • “I can't think of anything that I didn't like. I am sure it would be helpful for people trying to build evidence for obtaining funding”
  • “THANKS SOO MUCH! its been a great resource - I'm currently only a dp social services user and trying to obtain a CHC package but these documents proved useful for my care package too”