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Looking after that money is important.

The idea is that you download the documents that look suitable for you, then change them so they fit what you need. You can always email us at with your version and we'll add it.

We do not claim to be legal experts, we are people that run Personal health Budgets for ourselves or for a close family members.As such this wiki is to be viewed as a platform where we (and you!) can make documents publicly available for others to view and make use of them. More on our Disclaimers page here.

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There are times when you need to calculate how much money you have coming in and going out. This template can help with that, it is not a full set for everyone so make sure you add in any extras.

Click here to download.

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This policy outlines where petty cash is stored, what to use it for, and how it is accounted.

Click here to download.

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You may be exempt from paying VAT on some goods and services. The link in the form explains more.

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