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We want you to change this website

This website has been created by people with lived experience of care budgets. That does not mean we are a closed community, anyone can add to this website.

Great. But how do you do it?

First thing is that you need to have created an account and logged in with that account.

Second, is that all the changes you make to this wiki are moderated. That means you can go ahead and make all the changes you want, safe in the knowledge that they are not published until they are reviewed.

What changes can I make?

Just about anything!

You can add a new page about anything that you feel is related to a care budget. This could be a factual article, a guide, a blog, a set of images, a video, an audio recording. Anything. It does not have to be about England, or in English. Of course, you have to abide by the rules of being a nice person, we abhor hate speak or anything related to causing hurt. If you're not sure, then check out our Terms of Use.

You can also edit any existing page - same ideas apply as creating a new one.

But how?

Well it is both very easy and sometimes difficult.

If you want to create a brand new page - easy! Go up to the search box in the top right and enter the title of your new page and search. It won't find it (duh), but will offer you a link of your page title so you can create it. Then you can start editing 😍. Don't forget to save it once you've finished. You can always leave it there and then come back again to make all the changes you want.

If you want to edit an existing page, go to that page and you'll see tabs of "Edit" and "Edit source" at the top. "Edit" is sort of like using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. "Edit source" is far more powerful but quite technical.

Google has Help guides, search for "mediawiki help", or look at this page, or this one.

This is all just too difficult, I don't want to be technical

That's ok.

Some of our pages are quite awkward to add to, especially when we have a table of documents to download. We didn't set out to be awkward, it's just the way this wiki software works.

If you would prefer to speak to us directly, then email us at [email protected].

Hang on a minute - is this like Wikipedia?

It is EXACTLY like Wikipedia. You can follow the above instructions and make changes to WIkipedia! For example, there is a WIkipedia page on Personal Health Budgets. You can add to it, or, create your page on Wikipedia.